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Pittsburgh Public Schools Commit to Improving Equity

On November 7, Pittsburgh Public Schools unveiled a new phase of its efforts to bridge racial equity gaps in the city’s public schools. On Track to Equity: Integrating Equity Throughout PPS a comprehensive implementation plan that seeks to reduce racial disparities throughout the district and elevate the achievement of African American students comes on the heels of PIIN’s June 4th Public Action deemed the “Call for Continuity.” PIIN leaders called for continuity and challenged PPS Superintendent Anthony Hamlet and the district to commit to increasing efforts to achieve racial equity.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Improved professional development for PPS educators to bridge knowledge to practice, particularly in instructional strategies;
  • Creating culturally responsive instructional materials;
  • A careful review of curricular materials to ensure all students have access to a rigorous education; and
  • Developing culturally responsive practices to healing violence and trauma.

PIIN commends PPS Superintendent Dr. Hamlet and the PPS Board of Directors, Teachers, Parents and Students for their steadfast commitment to equity. As we at PIIN continue our core work of dismantling structural racism we look forward to the continued work that lies ahead.

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