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A Message From Rev. Kolb: Expanding Our Impact!

(Photo by Kat Procyk/PublicSource)

When I became PIIN’s new President just a few short weeks ago, it was immediately clear that PIIN is at an important time in our development.

We’ve made significant progress on police-community relations, reforming our broken criminal justice system, green infrastructure, and improving equity in our public schools, but we still have a lot of work on our long-term agenda of dismantling structural racism.

I already know that PIIN is up to the challenge. Before I even came on board, PIIN was recruiting new members, developing new leaders, and taking on new issues.

In times like these, when workers are struggling to make ends meet, immigrant families are being subjected to inhumane conditions, and families have been torn apart due to a broken criminal justice system. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to organizing people and organizing money, and to kick it off, I’m excited to announce that a few anonymous donors have created a $5,000 fundraising match pool.

Every new or increased donation between now and the end of the year (December 31) will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach $5,000.

our goal of $5,000 

Can you renew your commitment to PIIN and help us reach this goal?

By pooling our collective resources, we can make sure that PIIN is a well-financed, resilient organization ready to challenge whatever power structures stand in the way of equity and justice. Remember, no gift is too small.

DONATE TODAY   to double your impact with this match challenge!