Spiritual Leaders Caucus

The Spiritual Leaders Caucus is a gathered community of interfaith clergy and leaders within PIIN whose purpose is to:

  • Inform, guide, strengthen and powerfully participate in the work of PIIN, drawing from the wealth of our diverse faith traditions
  • Provide peer support, guidance, and accountability for faith leaders as they build power in their congregations and communities
  • Build relationships with interested leaders and introduce them to the organization, its work, and what PIIN offers to and expects from member leaders and congregations
  • Train and mentor leaders as they deepen their commitment to changing the balance of power for real justice in our communities.

A broad spectrum of workers, youth, parents, grandparents, activists, poets, priests, and politicians, from the meek to the mighty, would see that the people of faith and spiritual leaders that are PIIN are a powerful force for real justice in Southwestern PA.

To learn more about the Spiritual Leaders Caucus and PIIN, please contact the Spiritual Leaders Caucus Chair, Rev. David Swanson, Pastor of Pittsburgh Mennonite Church: dave@pittsburghmennonite.org.