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PIIN Issues Assembly Recap and Next Leader Training on May 24th!

On Sun, April 30th PIIN hosted its 2023 Issues Assembly to hear the results from our season of listening and to discern together PIIN’s focus for the future. The event was meaningful with over a dozen of PIIN’s congregations represented. We saw many new faces and members were inspired to put their faith into action!

The meeting began with a welcome from PIIN’s President, the Rev Richard Freeman and SLC chair, the Rev Dave Swanson. They spoke about the importance of faith-based organizing and the need for PIIN to focus on issues that are important to the community.

Following the remarks, PIIN heard back from its ten congregations who’d been commissioned to do Sacred Listening campaigns. Each congregation shared their results and issues were tallied real time. After, members had the opportunity to share their thoughts on why PIIN should focus on one of the top ten issue areas identified. After this, members voted! The results were:

  1. Gun Violence Prevention
  2. Allegheny County Jail/Criminal Justice Reform
  3. Education (Tie)
  4. Environmental Justice (Tie)

Our next step is to meet again on Wed, May 24th from 5-8 PM. Action groups will form, and Gamaliel National staff will be in Pittsburgh to train us on cutting issues and power analysis! Now is the time to connect with PIIN.

Register here and select the issue(s)you would like to work on with other people of faith!