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Sacred conversations on race underway

On October 1st, PIIN launched Sacred Conversations on Race + Action, a series of congregation-based discussions designed to provide a safe space to discuss race and racism in our country and our communities. During the months-long series of discussions, we will reflect on our experiences, challenge one another to expand our own levels of personal awareness, and ultimately, take action.

As an organization, PIIN is committed to dismantling structural racism in all of its various forms. To do this, we know that we must first understand how racism impacts us, our friends and family, and our congregations.

The kick off on October 1st brought together all of the participating congregations for an overview of the Sacred Conversations on Race series as well as an introduction to structural racism, implicit bias, and privilege.

In the coming weeks, each participating congregation will host several conversations amongst themselves, with the opportunity to pair up with another congregation as the series progresses.

We hope you will join us for this first important step in dismantling structural racism through the art of conversation and working for justice.