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Rally! Join us November 12 to Support the Elderly and Infirm Incarcerated Community

On Friday, November 12 at 11:30 am, at the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh, PIIN will join Straight Ahead, prisoners’ rights groups, and the families of incarcerated elders to support state legislation that provides parole opportunities for aging and chronically ill community members in Pennsylvania state prisons.

Incarcerated elders who are either terminally ill, no longer able to function in a prison environment, or pose no danger to the community almost always die in prison if they have not completed their sentences. This is especially unjust because prisons are generally unable to provide adequate health care for incarcerated elders. Over 20% of Pennsylvania’s prison population is now elderly – the number of incarcerated elders and families affected is substantial and growing.

The action will promote the introduction of PA Senate Bill 835, which would allow incarcerated people, attorneys, families, or the Dept. of Corrections to petition the Parole Board for release due to medical factors. The same process would also apply to incarcerated elders over 55 years of age who have served the lesser of half of their minimum sentences or 25 years, and whom are not considered to be dangerous.

Here are some links to additional information about the bill and the issues it seeks to address:

Please join us on November 12 as we support the compassionate and humane reforms of Senate Bill 835!