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PIIN Makes Faith-Based Case for Better Public Transit

PIIN is proud to join over 25 Pittsburgh neighborhood, environmental, and justice organizations in supporting the Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform developed by Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT).

When Margaret Krauss of WESA-FM sought to interview the organizations supporting the plan, she specifically asked Laura Chu Wiens, PPT’s Executive Director, to interview a representative of PIIN so she could understand why a faith-based group would take a strong pro-transit stand.

Ms. Krauss interviewed PIIN’s Peter Kaplan, who pointed out that our support for improved public transit is based on the teachings of our diverse faith traditions, which all believe that the divine spirit identifies with those who struggle under the weights of poverty, social vulnerability, and inequal services.  We therefore believe that affordable, accessible,  and high quality public transit is crucial to providing better opportunities for citizens and the freedom to improve their lives.

You can read the WESA interview here:

We are grateful to Margaret Krauss and WESA for the opportunity they gave PIIN to present the case for improved public transit from the perspective of faith.

We deeply appreciate PPT’s creation of Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform.  You can read more about the Platform, and sign on to support it, here: