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PIIN joins in the Fight for $15 National Day of Disruption

PIIN members joining in the Fight For $15 in downtown Pittsburgh

On November 29th, workers and community members in Pittsburgh joined the nationwide Fight for $15 Day of Disruption to advocate for a living wage and a voice on the job for every working American. Striking in more than 340 cities across the country, demonstrators sent a powerful message to corporations and newly-elected politicians: we know what’s on the line, and we will not stay silent:

Decades of wage stagnation, rising education costs, and political indifference have undermined our families and left tens of millions of people without the ability to make ends meet. As people of faith, we envision a different America, and we know we must continue to take action for our children and young people whose futures are at stake.

PIIN members and clergy were proud to march in the streets shoulder to shoulder with workers, community members, and supporters.

In addition to fast-food workers, UPMC shuttle bus drivers, housekeepers, technicians, cooks, administrative assistants, and other frontline staff walked off the job to protest UPMC violating their right to form a union. Giant Eagle workers also joined the fight, risking arrest to ask that the company commit to paying family-sustaining wages for all of their workers, and stop interfering with Giant Eagle employees’ right to organize.