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PIIN hosts community hearing on policing, racism, equity

In the wake of the unspeakable violence that has shaken our nation in recent weeks, PIIN gathered for a community hearing on July 21st to begin a much needed and deeper conversation about inequity and racism in our city.

Over 200 individuals packed St. James AME Church for our Community Hearing on Policing, Racism and Equity

We know that police violence is a symptom of larger systemic issues that are facing our nation. Even with all of the implicit bias training in the world, people of color are still more likely to be arrested, locked up, or worse—killed—until we address the structural racism that continues to undermine our economy, our housing and our schools.

We are grateful to the 200 individuals who joined us at St. James AME Church to begin this important conversation. As violence continues to claim the lives of both black men and police, it is up to us to continue peeling back the layers of injustice and oppression that touch all of our communities and cities.