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Inhumane Conditions at Allegheny County Jail: Causes & Solutions

Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Social Justice and Outreach (Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh) &
Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network (PIN) Panel Discussion

Opening Prayer: Minister Ella Scales (Union Baptist Church, VP PIIN)

Chair: Leah Kozak, PlIN organizer Brittany Hailer, Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism
Sr. Barbara Finch, a former nurse at AC
John Kenstowicz, social worker, jail corrections officers & health care workers

Concluding Prayer.
Rev. Julie Smith (Hospice Chaplain)

Approximately four-fifths of Allegheny County Jail residents have not yet been convicted of a crime. Yet inmates are often given inedible food, frequently denied prescribed medicine or offered medication at the wrong time, and regularly forced to spend nights in conditions too uncomfortable for sleep. Since April 2020, 20 have died, more than twice the average per year for U.S. jails of similar size. Healthcare workers have supervisors without medical credentials who order them to violate best practices, putting their licensure at risk. 90 staff positions are vacant, and employees are forced to work excessive overtime. Warden Harper will retire on September 29th.

How can we ensure conditions improve under the next warden?

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