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Welcome our New Colorful Backgrounds E.X.P.O. Organizer, the Rev. Rodriques Tate.

Rev. Rodriques Tate Sr. was born on the North Side of Pittsburgh PA. Born to the late Glenn A. Tate and Laura Tate, he was the middle child of 2 siblings. He was an attendee of South Hills High School. Later he would find passion in teaching the word of God. He set out to help those who were formally incarcerated after having similar hardships in life realizing service was his calling. He then set out to change the narrative of our communities. From 2012 to 2017 Rev. Tate served as PIIN Chairperson where he strived to help revive the criminal justice system by ensuring that the change must start in the public school system. Here he worked as an organizer of workshops to put in place people who are educated in the criminal justice system. Rodriques also worked at the Gamaliel Workshop dedicated specifically to prison reform. He completed 3 years of Hardy Bible School and studied under Reverend DeNeice Welch, the pastor of Bidwell Presbyterian Church for 8 years as a Minister In Training (M.I.T). Through his hard work and continuous commitment to his calling Rodriques was officially ordained on November 14th, 2021 by the committee leaders. Through these many accomplishments and services, Reverend Tate has now become the Colorful Background Expo Organizer with first-hand experience and an approach powered through the strength and word of God. He can be reached at