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Public Safety Task Force Opposes Concealed Carry Bill

PIIN’s Public Safety Task Force recently sent a strong message to Senators Casey and Toomey, as well as Representatives Doyle and Rothfus that Pennsylvanians’ public safety should not be endangered by a federally-mandated concealed carry reciprocity bill.

Emboldened by new leadership in Washington, DC, the House of Representatives is moving H.R. 38, a bill that would require all states that issue concealed carry firearm permits to honor permits issued by all other states. The legislation raises a significant public safety concern because the requirements to get a permit vary from state to state. This bill would mandate that states with more stringent standards would have to accept the looser standards of other states.

For example, Pennsylvania requires a background check to obtain a concealed carry permit, but Kansas does not require a background check. Under this law, people from Kansas with a permit would be allowed to concealed carry when visiting Pennsylvania despite not having a background check.

The bill doesn’t stop there however. If passed, our state and local governments would be on the hook to pay legal fees if the validity of an out-of-state visitor’s permit is challenged. Our cash-strapped local government doesn’t need additional financial burdens for trying to protect their citizens.

In letters to our Representatives and Senators, the Public Safety Task Force decried this legislation and urged our legislators to vote against H.R. 38. Read one of the letters here.